We are passionate about what we do at Make-A-Wish!

We bring the heart and the brains together in our organization – child focus first and foremost, with professional standards.


As representative of Make-A-Wish, I adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards, protecting the name, reputation, and intellectual property of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, ensuring sound nonprofit management and governance, and maintaining positive relationships within the Make-A-Wish Foundation network and its stakeholders.

We admire the courage of our wish children and their families, and we embrace this by being courageous in our strategic plans.

We aspire to excellence and are open to discussions on how to improve. We are not afraid of change in a sustainable manner, knowing that all organizations evolve throughout time.

We value our reputation and aim to be inspiring. We consistently work to exceed expectations.

Our strategic plans are ambitious in order to reflect our vision of reaching every eligible child.

We aim to be the benchmark children’s charity by striving to adopt our industry’s best practices.

In our race towards excellence, we need to be mindful that our affiliates require sufficient time and resources to reflect and implement actions.

Each member of Make-A-Wish aspires to a standard of excellence in their daily activities.

In order to perform at the highest standards, our recruitment of staff and volunteers is based on competencies of the position, in order to find the best person for the job.

Creativity and innovation in all fields is encouraged, in our wishes, the manner we present our activities, in our daily operations.


We strive to create an unforgettable wish journey for our wish children. First, we put forward the impact of a wish for our wish families.

We focus on the child and their personal interests.

We partner with our hospital and medical contacts to ensure that the child’s physical and emotional needs are protected during their wish journey.

We ask our wish families to provide feedback to ensure that the wish journey fully met their expectations.

We carry out or participate in research to better understand the life-changing impact of our mission.

We train our volunteers and staff to create unique and life-changing wish experiences and happiness. Out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged.


Our fundraising practices follow acceptable customs in each country.

Our objective is to have a well-proportioned mix of donor profiles to ensure a sustainable source of income and in-kind contributions.


We understand that in our world, reputation defines the value of our organization.

We work hard to preserve our brand reputation.