The House of Make-A-Wish Culture:

Built on a Framework of Five Essential Values


Welcome to the House of Make-A-Wish Culture!

The principles of respect, good governance, excellence, dialogue and accountability, and consequently the expected behaviors within Make-A-Wish*, were derived after extensive dialogue and sessions with the Make-A-Wish community, in particular its leadership. This document is intended as a useful cultural framework, overarching the entire Make-A-Wish community. It provides an overview regarding commitments and responsibilities for all its members and the way we interact, with volunteers, wish families, donors, staff and board, and the public at large.

Our hope, and indeed our expectation, is that every person who is involved with Make-A-Wish around the world will recognize these inspirational principles, and adhere to these as a representative of Make-A-Wish. We share the same responsibilities regarding wish children, donors and ourselves. This document is aimed to help discuss ethical issues, and structure the right, accountable behavior within the Make-A-Wish community.

What is the difference between policies and this code of ethics? Our policies focus on concrete operational processes (office management, program principles, finance procedures, fundraising, marketing and governance), and our code is based on the foundation of respect, dialogue, good governance and accountability described in this document.

This Code of Ethics and Good Conduct also incorporates the essential principles & behaviors we aim to follow.



*Reference to Make-A-Wish throughout this document refers to Make-A-Wish International and its global community. Members of Make-A-Wish America were not included in our Culture and Values project.