From our President and CEO

Our Code of Ethics and Good Conduct is the cornerstone upon which we will build a fortress. This code will keep us on the path of mutual respect which will develop into an unbreakable trust among us. It will strengthen our weakest links, and bring to life our core values, beliefs and culture. In essence, it is our DNA.

This code is a compass to support, guide and monitor our culture and behaviors as we work to achieve our vision through our strategic plans in the coming years.

Currently, our four strategic imperatives – (1) Increase Fundraising (2) Strengthen our Affiliates (3) Continue Digital Transformation (4) Improve Inter-Connected – can and will be achieved if we conduct ourselves with the principles and behaviors outlined in this Code of Ethics and Good Behavior.

As we have discussed with all of you, the purpose of writing this document is to codify what we all agreed to do in our conferences and roundtable discussions, surveys and zoom calls. Keeping in mind our goal of building an ethical and collaborative culture that benefits employees, volunteers, the children and their families and all other stakeholders and keeps us on a positive and productive path towards achieving our vision. This ethical culture will be reflected in the reputation that we will build of a transparent, impactful, high-achieving, global organization as we carve our way through the cluttered world of brands who seek to make a difference in the world.

Doing the right thing has its own reward. Our rewards are multiplied in the lives we touch through our mission delivery. Our Code of Ethics and Good Conduct will drive our actions and the principles that underlie decision making. This is not an ‘instructional’ manual. It is a reminder to make good choices and to treat each other with respect.

By agreeing to abide by this document, we are committing to the many values we agreed on, including professionalism, transparency, respect, collaboration and trust, just to name a few.

I applaud each of you, as you were an integral part of building this Code of Ethics and Good Conduct, and I feel very proud to work and prosper with each of you!

Thank you and best wishes,

Luciano Manzo

President and CEO

Make-A-Wish International