House of Make-A-Wish Culture

Summary written by Albert Jan Stam, consultant and ethics specialist, based on the input of the international community.

The House of Make-A-Wish Culture:

Built on a Framework of Five Essential Values

The house of Make-A-Wish culture is the result of the dialogue process among the members of the Make-A-Wish community, consisting of its various boards, and International and affiliate staff members.

The house of Make-A-Wish Culture is built on five essential values: respect, excellence, good governance, dialogue and accountability.

The value of respect means that we respect every individual connected to the organization. We accept every human being as a unique person with their talents, passions, abilities and competencies and with their ambitions, dreams and desires. A value of respect seeks to appreciate the contribution of each single person, treating each other with dignity and taking into consideration their perspective.

Excellence is Make-A-Wish’s standard of performance. It is a constantly moving target that can be pursued through continuous improvement with one goal: the best service for the children and their families.

Dialogue is an attitude which implies that one carefully listens to another person, working to understand them and their reality. Only after close connection with each other and after profound attempts at clarification, can we come to a shared opinion of the situation.

Good governance prescribes how public or corporate life ‘ought to be’. It serves both to keep in balance economic and social standards as well as individual and common values within organizations in interaction with society. It strives to embody our industry’s best practices to insure the integrity and effective management of our organization.

Holding each other accountable implies a mutual relationship between individuals, among each other and between staff, volunteers, and board. It means acknowledging and taking ownership of our individual and collective responsibilities.