Our members and stakeholders come from various backgrounds, and reflect the diversity of our communities.

Dialogue takes into consideration the variety of languages, geographical differences, the developmental phases of our affiliates, and the various levels of communication within our international community.


Our dialogue with each other should be on an equal-to-equal basis.

We challenge each other to always go the next step. We use benchmarks to measure and to discuss how to improve our performance.

We have open and honest conversations on how to best improve our organizations and have healthy interaction in our relationships with each other.

We love to share best practices and learning experiences within the international community.

We encourage open and constructive dialogue at all levels to best address issues. We invite responses and listen in an atmosphere of collaboration and tolerance.

We use all our means of communication wisely and clearly, including our use of emails.

We bring together our collective strengths towards our mission. Teamwork is essential to our operations, at all levels, from board to volunteer.

We are actively inclusive and believe in the strength of diversity, from the board level to the volunteer level, thus ensuring there is input from all levels of the community.

We gather feedback through our various group channels on important decisions impacting the Make-A-Wish community.

We aim to encourage a highly effective dialogue throughout the international community.


We are always in communication with our wish children and families as we accompany them on their wish journey.

We involve our medical partners (hospitals, doctors, etc.) in the preparation of the child’s wish journey, and share the joy of a wish come true with them.

We rely on our medical partners to help plan the wish in the best possible manner, having regard to the child’s health condition.


Where possible, we show the use of the funds to our donors in publicly available documents and/or one-on-one dialogue.


Dialogue is about communicating the right message that is appropriate for each audience; we work hard to provide the right level of content to all our stakeholders.