Integrity and Honesty

We pride ourselves on the integrity of all members of our Make-A-Wish community.

Specifically, as an individual, I seek to act honestly and with probity at all times as a representative of Make-A-Wish.

I agree that it is important that our fundraising activities are ethical, constituent sensitive and consistent with our mission in order to create growing capacities and resources.

I sign and live out the conflict of interest statement. If there is a probability that I could benefit in any way from a contract envisaged by Make-A-Wish, I signal this out immediately and refrain from voting or influencing the vote.

Legal Compliance and Transparency

Our annual accounts are audited and published on our websites. We are transparent about the way we handle our funds for the good of our mission.

We proactively comply with all laws and regulations in our respective countries.

We have checks and balances in our organization to counter the risk of fraud and theft.

We have insurance coverage for our activities.

Our wish granting process includes the appropriate consent forms from parents and medical personnel.

We do not divulge any personal information without the required legal consents.

We carry out criminal background checks on all persons working or volunteering with Make-A-Wish to ensure our children’s safety is protected.

We take full responsibility for our actions and remain accountable to our stakeholders.

We are open to constructive criticism and self-reflection.

Between ourselves, we show a value of accountability by:

  • Staying informed of developments

  • Supporting and developing your team according to your role

  • Raising issues and consulting with others in your team without fear

  • Leading by example